Axial matching on MRI image


How to perform axial matching on MRI images that have different slice of z axis (ie, size of image A = [512,512,120], size of image B = [512,512,180])



Can you explain what you mean by “axial matching”? Would image resampling help? If so you can use something like AFNI: 3dresample -input image1.nii.gz -master imag2.nii.gz -prefix image1_RS.nii.gz

Sorry I’m new to this field,

Taking the example i mentioned, how to i match the 120 slice to the 180 slice. Like starts from which slice on the second image.

Are these two images of the same brain? Or have these brains been registered to a common space?

No. Im doing an unpaired image to image translation. I have resample the both image into common voxel shaping

Sorry, I think I am still confused by what you would want your final result to look like. Are you referring to something like landmark matching? For example, Slice X in image1 is at the level of some structure, and you want to find the same structure in image2? Or is this matching in terms of the entire space of the image. For example, Slice X in image1 is Y% of the entire image height, where is that is image2?