BASIL - Calibration with Control Images

Using BASIL with control images as calibration:

I only have my control images from control/label pairs (no background suppression) to do calibration. Do anyone have tips on how to do this in BASIL (FSL)? The first steps, I feel OK about (pasted below), but then I’m not sure if I’m supposed to average all volumes in time and/or create a single M0 value for the whole brain, or smooth, or do any other correction… and what options to select for Calibration in BASIL (e.g., should it be Reference region…). I did post this question on fsl listserv, so if I do hear back, I will reply back here. I’m eager to hear from anyone with experience doing this.

Command used (control images first, 45 pairs):

fslsplit sub-"$subject"_ses-"$session"_asl.nii.gz

fslmerge -t control_merged vol0000.nii.gz vol0002.nii.gz vol0004.nii.gz vol0006.nii.gz vol0008.nii.gz vol0010.nii.gz vol0012.nii.gz vol0014.nii.gz vol0016.nii.gz vol0018.nii.gz vol0020.nii.gz vol0022.nii.gz vol0024.nii.gz vol0026.nii.gz vol0028.nii.gz vol0030.nii.gz vol0032.nii.gz vol0034.nii.gz vol0036.nii.gz vol0038.nii.gz vol0040.nii.gz vol0042.nii.gz vol0044.nii.gz vol0046.nii.gz vol0048.nii.gz vol0050.nii.gz vol0052.nii.gz vol0054.nii.gz vol0056.nii.gz vol0058.nii.gz vol0060.nii.gz vol0062.nii.gz vol0064.nii.gz vol0066.nii.gz vol0068.nii.gz vol0070.nii.gz vol0072.nii.gz vol0074.nii.gz vol0076.nii.gz vol0078.nii.gz vol0080.nii.gz vol0082.nii.gz vol0084.nii.gz vol0086.nii.gz vol0088.nii.gz




Local install on Linux.

Data formatted according to a validatable standard? Please provide the output of the validator:

Not too relevant here, but it’s formatted using BIDS.

in case anyone else ever wonders: JISCMail - FSL Archives