Dear Neurostars,

Happy new year, and also delighted to see you all here.

High-density surface electromyography (HDsEMG) research is on the rise as it provides noninvasive access to individual neural inputs to the motor units within a single muscle.

There are already multiple public datasets available from this modality, and studies with multimodal recordings, including HDsEMG, are underway.

So, I would like to invite you to the new issue on BIDS-specifications for BIDS-HDsEMG.

This might be the first time an instrument manufacturer (OT Bioelecttronica, Turin, Italy, the leading manufacturer of HDsEMG instruments) expressed its support and willingness to adopt the BIDS standard on the subject and dataset level. This will provide direct access to open-source data files and accurate events and metadata at the data collection point.

Thanks a lot for your attention, and my apologies for the cross-posting.


P.S.: EMG and HDsEMG have significant differences in data collection and processing pipelines. So, while BIDS-EMG is necessary for many multimodal experiments, we believe it should be kept separate from BIDS-HDsEMG.