BIDS and cookiecutter?

Hi, I just discovered the cookiecutter project ( ). Because the concept is somehow similar to what’s at the root of BIDS, I’m wondering whether it could be of any help in organizing neuroimaging data / interacting with BIDS… Would there be any practical interest in setting up a cookiecutter-BIDS template?

I’m asking mostly by curiosity, and because I don’t have any experience with cookiecutter. Maybe somebody has experience with both cookiecutter and BIDS? What’s the opinion of the BIDS experts?



Here’s an initial stab at one:

Will make the bare acceptable dataset_description.json and attempt to make directories for subject/session/modalities that were selected.

I’ve been on the user end of cookiecutter for quite a few things, but never created one before. The templating from cookiecutter.json doesn’t quite feel powerful enough for everything in the bids standard. My solution to generating the subject/session directories doesn’t feel quite right, rely on cookiecutter template outputing a representation of the context variable that is itself executable python code. Also couldn’t figure out if conditionals were possible within the cookiecutter.json itself.

What other sort of things were you hoping it might do?