BIDS App flowchart

Has anyone compiled a flowchart for deciding which specific BIDS App is most appropriate for a given dataset? Or even something with relative strengths and weaknesses of the apps that have been created?

I haven’t seen anything like that on the BIDS Apps website or on GitHub.

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This is the closest we have at the moment:

Thank you. That table is pretty useful.
Do you think a flowchart would be worth constructing? People don’t contribute BIDS apps based on any sort of demand (e.g., to fill a gap in the kinds of analyses/modalities covered by the rest of the apps), right? Would creators benefit from knowing which analyses/modalities don’t have any apps?

It’s a good question. I doubt someone will write a piece of analysis software only because there is no BIDS app doing a similar thing. It’s more likely that an existing software will be adapted to BIDS Apps framework to reach new users.

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