BIDS-Apps Google Season of Docs information


  • INCF is accepted as a Google Seasons of Docs (GSoD) organization & BIDS-Apps is listed as one of the projects (see the proposal - project #10)
  • GSoD is a program sponsored by Google to bring open source communities closer to the technical writer community. The purpose of this program is to generate or enhance documentation for designated projects.

GSoD Timeline

  • May 11 to June 8 is an exploration phase for the professional technical writers who will bring a unique skillset to the project and collaborate independently.
  • June 9 to July 9 is the technical writer application phase for submitting proposals to participate in the Google Season of Docs.

Proposed goals for the GSoD project

  • Guide the community through packaging a pipeline (e.g python/R script) into a BIDS-App
  • Guide the community through running a docker/singularity image
    • Guides will be constructed for a non-technical audience
  • Enhance user pathway for finding help on building and running Apps

Here is one example of a good guide walking through running the BIDS-App: fMRIPrep

Who are you?

  • Collaborative and comfortable interacting with our community members online
  • Able to breakdown technical details for a non-technical audience
  • Able to clearly convey complex ideas
  • Able to consider multiple user profiles
  • Interest in documenting the process of packaging pipelines into a container
  • Knowledge of: docker, singularity, software packaging, tutorial writing

Tips for constructing your proposal

Please consider your response to the two questions below. These can help form your project proposal.

  • Please generate a set of proposed guides/deliverables you would be interested in writing and how you envision the design of this. Please be sure to connect these proposed deliverables with how your previous experience has prepared you to write these documents.

  • What do you think we can improve in our current documentation implementation and how would you approach resolving these?

Learning about the project

BIDS-Apps project webpage containing our current tutorials:

BIDS-Apps github:

BIDS project webpage:

Existing BIDS documentation:

BIDS Starter kit pages: and

BIDS Specification GitHub:

For any questions or clarifications please email Franklin (

Good luck on your proposals!


Hi Franklin,

I am Shashank Shekhar, a master’s student at The University of Guelph and Vector Institute, ON, Canada. I am writing to express my interest in the Building BIDS Apps project.

For my thesis I am pursuing research at the intersection of computer vision and cognitive science: mostly in using interpretability methods from the latter to explain representation learning and decision making in convolution neural networks. Over the duration of my master’s I have slowly become quite interested in the intersection of neuroscience and AI and am planning to pursue my Ph.D. in this field. While I haven’t directly worked with BIDS images I do have experience processing volumetric images in the form of micro-CT images of digital rock while working as a research associate for Shell. Due to my interest in neuroscience and previous experience with computer vision I thought this project might be a good fit for me.

I’m currently going through the documentation on BIDS apps shared here. I’m not familiar with Singularity containers and am also familiarizing myself with them. It’d be great if you could share particular pointers for the BIDS project to help me prepare my application. Thanks!

Hi @sshkhr

Welcome to NeuroStars and thank you for your interest in our project! Perhaps looking through the links under Learning about the project will give insights into the project. While you are going through the links please consider: the BIDS-Apps documentation you would generate, how this documentation would be designed, and thinking through enhancements to the current BIDS documentation design and implementation (BIDS starter kit).

Thank you,

Hi @franklin,

I’d like to share a work-in-progress draft of the document where I’ve written down my ideas for improving the current documentation for BIDS-Apps. Please let me know the best way to share it with you. I appreciate your thoughts and valuable feedback on the ideas.

Thank you,

Hi @pgadige

Thank you for your message and interest in our project! Please feel free send over your proposal to me at:

Thank you,