Bids Apps - How results are written?

I am interested in using Bids Apps and create my own for our software but I didn’t understand how the results are written. I read that FMRIPREP follows the Bids derivatives structure to save data but bids-example seems to write the results at the root directory given. Is it specific to each Bids App?
As the Bids Apps read Bids dataset, should they follow the structure to write the results? (ex: derivatives/pipeline_folder/subject/session/modality)

Thank you

Hi @ajegou, the draft derivatives specification discusses storage options. To summarize, a BIDS-Derivatives directory is meant to be as similar as possible to a BIDS-Raw directory as possible, but with the understanding that there are situations where the correspondence breaks down.

Most currently existing BIDS Apps predate the derivatives spec, and so there may be some failures to conform.

Of course, you should feel free to ask any further questions. While the derivatives spec isn’t exactly a guide to writing apps, I think it should get you some of where you need to go, and you may discover issues that need addressing before the full release of the spec.

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