BIDS categorization for magnetization transfer MRI scan

We will be running a magnetization transfer sequence in an upcoming study and are not sure how to categorize it using BIDS.

Table 1 from this paper: suggests we can either label it as ‘Magnetization transfer ratio’ (MTR) or ‘Magnetization transfer saturation index’ (MTS). But I don’t think it is either of these, as it will just consist of the MTon without the MToff, so no ratio.

Then we will also be conducting a structural scan targeted to optimize locus coeruleus contrast that will not be purely a T1 or T2 contrast image but closer to a T2. Do you have recommendations on how to categorize this scan?

Many thanks,
Mara Mather

Had a quick look through openneuro.

There is a precedent of people using the acquisition entitty with acq-MToff and acq-MTon to differentiate those.

See the version of some those datasets from github:

@Remi-Gau - Thanks so much - that is helpful!