Bids Derivatives - Multiple analysis with the same pipeline


I would like to know if it’s possible to save the results of multiple analysis with the same pipeline at the subject level. For example, if we process two SPM analysis with different parameters on one subject, can we save the two results without overwriting?
What key-value in the subject label can be used?

Thank you

Please see Storage of Derived Datasets:

There are few restriction on the directory name; it is RECOMMENDED to use the format <pipeline>-<variant> in cases where it is anticipated that the same pipeline will output more than one variant (e.g., AFNI-blurring , AFNI-noblurring , etc.).

If it’s a helpful example, in FitLins, we provide a --derivative-label flag to allow users to specify the <variant> label that gets appended to the pipeline name. So, if you ran

fitlins $DATA $OUT dataset --derivative-label smooth5mm [...]

the output directory would be $OUT/fitlins-smooth5mm.