BIDS, eye tracking and EEG

We’re trying to format some eye tracking data following the nascent BIDS eye tracking spec. One thing that isn’t clear is where information about eye-specific events, such as saccades, should be stored. The task events file doesn’t seem right for this, since that seems intended to provide info about external stimuli/events. Should it just go in an additional column in the eyetrack.tsv file? Or should it actually be integrated with the task events?

A related issue is that the onset column in our task events file currently refers to timestamps from our EEG data, which have different values from the timestamps in the eye tracking data. Correlating the two would most likely result in some loss of accuracy. It seems like the best approach here is probably to have something like:


…but I’d like to hear if anyone has any other suggestions.

hey @noahmerc

Can you maybe make a comment about this directly in the pull request for this BIDS extension:

This kind of feedback is super useful to make sure nothing is overlooked during the design of a BIDS extension.

Done: .