BIDS from DICOMS with automatic config file

Is there any reason, in theory, why a config file could not be generated from the information in the DICOMS?

The challenge is inferring the intention of an image. While some sequences are distinctive, in some cases the identical sequence may be used for various purposes. niix2bids can help automate the process, assuming you have a Siemens scanner.

Alternatively, when setting up new protocols on the MRI console use the protocol name (DICOM tag 0018,1030) to describe the intention for your series. reproin can automate conversion for data acquired following these conventions.


Thanks so much Chris! I am going to test out the niix2bids today on some Siemens scans. Am I understanding correctly that niix2bids will work on other scanners so long as we have the protocol name in the DICOM tag? And Reproin is a tool on top of all that that will datalad track everyone for us?

niix2bids only supports Siemens. If you can arrange to have protocol names following reproin standard, you can use the reproin configuration file for HeuDiConv. The dcm2niix web page includes links to various dcm2niix wrappers that aid in converting DICOM to BIDS. You might want to evaluate those to see which one best fits your application.


I see, that is great, thanks so much for the good leads