Bids online validator detect error on apparently valid filename

Hi everyone,

I suspect that I am just not seeing something self-evident, but I have been looking to filenames for hours and maybe I just need some fresh eyes on this.

I am trying to validate a BIDS dataset that I have created using dcm2niix for DICOM conversion and in-house script for bids conversion. The online bids validator at is giving me Error 1: [Code 1] NOT_INCLUDED on such files as
But as far as I can see and as far as I understand the BIDS specification, these are valid BIDS filenames. The template is respected and both T2starand dwi are accepted modality labels.

What am I not seeing here ?

The filenames themselves do look good to me. T2star.nii can only occur in subdirectories of the “anat” directory, while dwi.nii can only occur in subdirectories of the “dwi” directory.

What’s the full path to the files in the dataset? If they’re in the correct directory I’ll dig into this more and try and recreate the error.

Periods are not valid characters, so acq-echo0.00322 is going to cause problems. sub-100403_ses-02_run-1_dwi.nii looks fine. What’s it’s full path (relative to the dataset root)?

Thanks for your answers. I really didn’t know about period in filename (I guess I should have read the specification with more attention). As for the dwi file, as I said, I was missing something extremely obvious. I was still using the name diff for the diffusion directory that was hardcoded from a previous script. The validator was not complaining about the filename, but about the directory !

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