BIDS-related identifiers in anatomical derivatives


When running fMRIPrep 20.2.0, we noticed that we are getting some extra BIDS-related identifiers in the anatomical outputs (i.e., the addition of “acq-##”). We didn’t see these BIDS-related identifiers in the anatomical outputs with an earlier version of fMRIPrep (20.0.6), which we previously ran with the same options. Is there an option to limit/specify the BIDS parameters that appear in the output filenames?

Thanks in advance!

I think fMRIPrep is less enthusiastic about dropping entities that haven’t been combined than it was previously. So if you have acq-1_T1w.nii.gz, then the output will still have acq-1. But if you also have acq-2_T1w.nii.gz and they can be combined to form a template, then neither acq-<label> entity should be included.

There isn’t a mechanism to remove these, although you are of course free to modify your results.