BIDS validator error for upper case subject labels

The bids specification allows for upper case labels for subjects:

BIDS uses custom user-defined labels in several situations (naming of participants, sessions, acquisition schemes, etc.) Labels are strings and MUST only consist of letters (lower or upper case) and/or numbers.

However when i use upper case e.g sub-X01, the bids validator ( says error 1 “NOT_INCLUDED” and if i use sub-x01 then it passes. I think in this regard, the bids validator is therefore inconsistent with bids specification…

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Ollie Hulme

I’ve posted this to the GitHub issues page. Please follow-up there.

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@ollie_hulme the online validator has been updated to the most recent version of the validator. Can you confirm if it works with your dataset?

Also, can you confirm your operating system and browser?