Bids-validator failing on IBC dataset


I am trying to preprocess the open-source IBC dataset with fmriprep. The bids validator is failing with the standard output attached. In this dataset, there are no corresponding json sidecars for each bold task run, but instead each task .json metadata is stored at the root directory. I have checked and each .json file at the root directory contains all the necessary properties (RepetitionTime, EchoTime, etc) that the BIDS validator is complaining about.

Do I need to copy the metadata from each task and create a corresponding .json for each bold run? Or is there an easier solution?

01.txt (10.7 KB)

Normally you should not have to.
Are you using a recent BIDS-checker ?

Yeah it’s the latest version. Still don’t know what is going on

Can you share the full tree? Perhaps the root-level files are named in such a way that the validator isn’t applying the inheritance principle appropriately.

The tree is on the link below. The root-level files look they are named the same as the subject task runs.

Your output shows bids-validator version 1.4.0, and the latest is 1.6.1.