BIDS Validator help - "Available Modalities" didn't show the specific modality (T1w, T2w, fmap)

Hi there,

I’m using the browser bids-validator to test my bids data and it failed to recognize the specific modalities of my MRI data:

This is my bids folder:

├── dataset_description.json
└── sub-01088
└── ses-02
├── anat
│ ├── sub-01088_ses-02_T1w.json
│ ├── sub-01088_ses-02_T1w.nii.gz
│ ├── sub-01088_ses-02_T2w.json
│ └── sub-01088_ses-02_T2w.nii.gz
└── fmap
├── sub-01088_ses-02_magnitude1.json
├── sub-01088_ses-02_magnitude1.nii.gz
├── sub-01088_ses-02_magnitude2.json
├── sub-01088_ses-02_magnitude2.nii.gz
├── sub-01088_ses-02_phasediff.json
└── sub-01088_ses-02_phasediff.nii.gz

this is what I got from bids-validator:


  • 12 Files, 29.55MB
  • 1 - Subject
  • 1 - Session
Available Tasks
Available Modalities
  • MRI

Instead of showing T1w, T2w, fmap, the “available modalities” are showing “MRI”. Although it didn’t cause any major errors, I was wondering if is there any way to output the specific modalities? (eg. T1w, T2w, fmap).

I tried to change the ‘Modaliity’ in my json files from “MR” to “T1w” and it didn’t work.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Many thanks in advance!

Latest version of the validator has generalized what modalities it reports, the primary modalities it reports now are MRI, PET, MEG, EEG, and iEEG.

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great! thank you very much