Bids-validator vs BIDS Specification for T2starw

I’m trying to validate a BIDS dataset and I’m getting an error that the T2starw files are NOT_INCLUDED.

The reason seems to be that the BIDS Specification allows for echo with T2Starw but the bids-validator does not. I guess this would be true for all non-parametric structural MR images.

Example file:

bids-validator regexp for T2starw does not allow for “echo”

BIDS Specification for T2starw does allow for “echo” in both the Modality specific files section and the Entity Table appendix.

The easy solution seems to be to change the “echo” to “run” and bump the index up by 1.

Thoughts or opinions?

I guess I could also create an issue with the bids-validator or modify the offending bids-validator file and submit a patch.

Please do. If the spec allows it and the validator doesn’t, that’s a bug and should be handled on the issue tracker.

I have entered an issue on github. I also noticed that chunk should be allowed as well.

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Also create pull request with the fix.