BIDS validator warning code 82


I am doing my first fMRI analysis and I am currently very close to having converted my dataset into BIDS. When running the BIDS validator, I only get the following warning:

*Warning 1: [Code 82] CUSTOM_COLUMN_WITHOUT_DESCRIPTION. Reason: Tabular file contains custom columns not described in a data dictionary. Evidence: ID, Age, Gender, trial, choice, response, rt, choice_order,run,task, sub not defined, please define in /events.json

For each subject, I have 3 event files. 1 event file for each run (there are 3 runs). It seems that i have to define the columns in some json file. However, I am unsure if I have to define this information in an existing .json file or whether I have to create a new .json file - and if so, where that new json file should be created.

Can anyone help? :slight_smile:

Hi Emma, and welcome to Neurostars!

This is asking you to describe your events in a separate events.json file. See more here: Task events - Brain Imaging Data Structure v1.7.0 Although, it is just a warning, and if that is the only output from BIDS validator you are probably ready to begin your analysis!



Thank you a lot! Problem is solved :slight_smile: