BIDScoin 3.7.1 & nibabel plugin

This is both an announcement and a question.

The announcement: BIDScoin 3.7.1. is out! The most notable new feature is that it includes a new nibabel2bids plugin. BIDScoin uses plugins to interact with the data, so now any format supported by nibabel is now supported in BIDScoin!

Now here is my question: BIDScoin discovers different source datatypes on the basis of (amongst others) wisely chosen attributes, i.e. attributes that vary between datatypes but not between different runs of the same datatype. For instance, for DICOM I would use the ProtocolName and EchoTime attributes, but not AcquisitionTime. For the new nibabel2bids plugin I currently only use nifti attributes, but would like to extend that with (non-nifti) attributes from other nibabel supported source datatypes. Since I myself I mostly work with DICOM, I don’t know very well what to choose, hence my question to you, how should I extend my list of attributes? Anything from MINC or ECAT or so? Here’s what I have now: