BIDScoin 4.0.0 release

“I do think,” added Deep Thought, “that you’re going to like it”

The new BIDScoin v4 series is here!

With a lot of important improvements that should make your (and my) life significantly easier :-). The most notable changes are:


  • Support for BIDS 1.8.0
  • Support for handling of non-alphanumeric characters in sub/ses prefixes
  • A new (optional) pet2bids plugin
  • A skullstrip tool (a bids-wrapper around FreeSurfer/synthstrip)
  • A slicereport QC tool (a bids-wrapper around FSL/slicesdir)
  • A unit/integration test & CI framework
  • New Dockerfile and Apptainer/Singularity definition files to run BIDScoin in a container
  • A BIDSCOIN_DEBUG environment variable to run bidscoin in a more verbose debug mode
  • VERBOSE and SUCCESS logging levels
  • Checks using the bids-validator python module
  • Options to perform study/template bidsmap tests with bidscoin -b / -t
  • Option to list and install template bidsmaps
  • Many bugfixes, user interface improvements and tweaks


  • The default behaviour is now to not unzip data in the sourcefolders anymore. Instead, users can use the --unzip option in the bidsmapper
  • The spec2nii plugin is no longer added by default but is optional
  • The dcm2niix2bids plugin no longer handles PET data (this is now handled by the pet2bids plugin)
  • Removed BIDScoin’s redundant/confusing datatypes option from the bidsmap
  • Removed the obscure participants option from bidscoiner
  • Major code refactoring