BIDScoin 4.3.0 is out

BIDScoin is on a roll

With this major release, BIDScoin became more robust and solid than ever before, while gaining several new features that add to its flexibility and user-friendliness. Amongst others, the major new highlights are:

  • Support for the recently released BIDS v1.9.0 specifications
  • A --cluster option for running bidscoiner in parallel on a (DRMAA enabled) HPC
  • A new bidsmap_bids2bids template bidsmap for nibabel2bids to edit existing BIDS datasets
  • New special dynamic values, such as <<session>>, <<dir>> and <<PhaseEncodingDirection>>
  • Parsing of DICOM tags from the Siemens CSA headers
  • A bidscoiner.tsv log-file for easier tracking of file conversions / data provenance
  • Integrated fslmaths preprocessing on slicereport input images
  • BIDScoin duecredit reports

For more details see the changelog

Happy to see BIDScoin users from all around the world! :slight_smile:
(Anonymous usage statistics per country. NB: The USA falsely appears underrepresented because the circles are not yet scaled by the nr of users)