.bidsignore ignored by bidsvalidator

Hi there,

I have a problem using bids-validator@1.6.2, which seems to ignore .bidsignore. Let me shortly describe why this is a problem.

I used dcm2bids to transform our data set to bids format. On the way dcm2bids creates a folder called tmp_dcm2bids, which does not comply with the BIDS specifications. Although I will be able to delete this folder after all other warnings and errors have been dealt with, I don’t want to do this right now as much of the transformation work would have to be done again and again after each change in my dcm2bids configuration file. Yet, keeping the tmp_dcm2bids folder in my root BIDS folder makes error reports of the bids-validator quite messy.

The .bidsignore file reads like

untracked files


untracked directories


Any help would be appreaciated!!

Are those headings in the .bidsignore file? If so, try removing them, and just having two lines of text. Another work around would be moving the Tmp folder to sourcedata where your dicoms presumably live (and run dcm2bids from there. sourcedata Is automatically skipped over by bids validatior.

Hi Steven,
thank you very much for the quick response.

These headings are actually comments starting with a hash-symbol, which seems to have a function in this text interpreter here too. Unfortunately, removing them doesn’t change the effect of .bidsignore.

Got it, in that case try moving tmp files to / running dcm2bids from sourcedata.

Not sure if this is in play here but, a caveat of how the validator reads the .bidsignore file is that it needs to live in the root of the dataset; as opposed to putting it in the users home directory or the working directory that you are calling bids-validator from.

Thanks for this suggestion! Unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem either.