Hi All,

This week is #BlackInNeuroWeek on twitter! Check out the BlackinNeuro profile for more information about it!

Since it is ALSO, the last week of this epic experiment called Neuromatch Academy. I thought it would be important that we discuss how NMA can contribute to the BlackInNeuro initiative in some interesting ways. Here are some basic ideas:

  1. collating a database of black computational neuroscientists both in history and today.
  2. Highlighting some discussion on twitter about how some of our techniques like neural nets (e.g. Facial Recognition) have important racist consequences particularly as it relates to criminal identification.
  3. Starting early in making sure that people from underrepresented racial backgrounds know about this program to help recruiting for next year!

I would love to brainstorm some ideas in the comments and see if the organizers have any thoughts/are interested in contributing to this awesome week!


@carsen.stringer @Konrad_Kording @kbonnen @eejd @gunnar.blohm

Sorry for the mass tag but I don’t know who runs the twitter account! It would be cool at least to acknowledge the BlackInNeuroWeek and honor the black organizers/TAs/students that contributed to the program.