Brain Computer Interface Internship

I am looking for an internship from March to September 2021 on Brain Computer Interfaces. I am doing a BS/MS in Computer and Biomedical Engineering respectively at Drexel University. I am highly interested in the use of non-invasive BCI in the detection of Motor Execution. Some projects I have been working on during classes include a state-of-the-art proposal for a new BCI using EEG to control a Lower Limb Exoskeleton. I have been working to find the equipment needed to finalize the costs for the prototype, searching on Machine Learning algorithm to reduce the dimensionality of the spatio-temporal features and to classify the intentions of the patients, determining the patients and the paradigms for the experimentation. Also, I am working right now on a Machine Learning algorithm in Python with MNE library using two open source databases on Upper Limb Movements for classification of 6 tasks plus a rest state. I am interested as well working on invasive BCI. I did study material engineering and the human response to foreign object, and the use of MXene materials for high resolution for sensors. If you want more information about me, I can send you my resume or you can visit my LinkedIn page. Thank you so much for your attention,