brainGraph (graph theory analysis in R) major release v3.0.0

I am pleased to announce the 3nd major release of my R package for graph theory analysis of brain MRI data, “brainGraph”.
The main page on CRAN is at:

The GitHub repository is at:

The latest version is already on CRAN for Linux distributions, and should be for Windows and Mac OS X soon.

To install directly from CRAN:


In the meantime (and for development versions), you may install from GitHub using the R package “devtools”:


Getting help
The User Guide can be found at: my GitHub Pages site (PDF warning).

Chapter 4 gives a general Overview, and Chapter 5 has some basic details for getting started.

Chapters 6 and 7 provide code and details for structural covariance and single-subject networks, respectively.

You may also get help by opening an Issue on the GitHub repository, or you may join the Google Group.

New features

You can find the release notes/changelog in, at:

There are too many differences to list here, but the most significant new feature is related to GLM-based analyses (including for Multi-threshold Permutation Correction, Network Based Statistic, and mediation analysis). They are now significantly faster, and (in certain situations) is faster than other solutions in R.

Please let me know if you have any issues, bug reports, feature requests, etc.

Chris Watson

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