Brodmann areas: Conversion from Talairach space to MNI space

Hello everyone.

I’ve recently preprocessed some fMRI data using the open-source software fMRIPrep. The problem is that fMRIPrep only allows me to sample the data into an MNI standard space but not to a Tailarach one.

So, now that I’m using an official Tailarach .nii template in order to use it as a mask, so that I see only the voxels in the Brodmann area 4, I’m having problems with the alignment.

The mask that I have is the following:


And I’m using MATLAB to mask the voxels:


But as expected, the sizes of bold_m and mask do not match:


Do you know any sources where there is a MNI template with the Brodmann areas? Or do you think I could do the conversion myself? I read here that is possible to do so, although not recommended.

Thank you in advance,

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