Brodmann areas in MNI space in .nii format


Do you know any webpage where I can download the Brodmann areas in MNI space? So far, I’ve only found this webpage but it’s in Tailarach space. I want to use them as a mask for my fMRI data on MATLAB.

Actually, this is a topic related to a question that I asked a few days ago, but unfortunately didn’t have any reply.

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MRIcron includes a Brodmann atlas. The atlas is roughly in MNI space (it matches SPM’s templates which are an average sized brain, the actual MNI templates are a bit larger than average, you can see this nicely in Figure 1 of Horn et al. (2018)). This atlas is described here, and I would beware of the caveats mentioned.

The Brodmann areas are one of my favorite rants… I posted a response on the AFNI messageboard here and referred users to the Brodmann atlas from Mai and Matajnik, now in a beta version, and I’m waiting for an update.,164503,164505#msg-164505

Also Rory Pinjenburg presented at OHBM 2020 on a set of new classic atlases he is preparing, that includes the Brodmann areas.

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These atlases look very nice. Please publicize these when release versions are available.

hi, i am very intersted in the brodmann atlas of Mai and Matajnik. do you know how i can find the released version?

I’m sorry I don’t have any updates from Mai and Matajnik, so the previous link is all that I have available from them. The Pijnenburg atlases were somewhat recently published though. I think the MNI N27 version seems to be mostly okay, but the MNI 2009a symmetric version may need a bit more attention. I’m waiting to hear back from them about some of these tweaks.