Bval and bvec files in fmap folder

Hi all,

dcm2bids generates bval and bvec files when placing a reverse-phase b0 image in the fmap directory. This is not BIDS compliant according to the BIDS validator, and I don’t know how to prevent these files from being generated.

Is there a way to prevent these files from being generated or placed in the fmap directory? Thanks.

Hi @ameenq05 and welcome to neurostars!

It is valid now: [ENH][SCHEMA] Allow .bval and .bvec files for pepolar fmaps by mattcieslak · Pull Request #1754 · bids-standard/bids-specification · GitHub . Until a new validator release reflects this change, you can just fix other BIDS issues and --skip-bids-validation in qsiprep.


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You can test with the schema validator. That should apply schema rules written into the unreleased spec.

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An alternative workaround that worked for me was just including a .bidsignore file in the root BIDS directory, and adding these lines to bidsignore.

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