Calculating DVARS after confound regression with nileran

Hi Neurostars,

I’m having trouble with calculating DVARS after confound regression with nilearn.

I already parcellated my data into a timeseries and then applied:
nilearn.signal.clean(ts, detrend=True, standardize=False, confounds=confounds, low_pass=0.08, high_pass=0.009, t_r=2.5)

When regressing out confounds and applying bandpass filtering, the timeseries always seems to be z-standardized, even though I set it to false.

Now I am not really sure how I should continue to calculate DVARS (in % deltaBOLD) from this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Indeed there seems to be a clash among the options. Can you open an issue in Nilearn Github interface ?

I will do that, thanks!