Call for INCF Assembly Workshop suggestions, deadline Feb 28

Dear all,

We are inviting all members of the INCF community to submit proposals for workshop themes to be included in the virtual 2022 INCF Assembly this autumn. Please note that submission of workshop themes does not require submitters to commit to being the workshop chair. We particularly encourage submissions that focus on FAIR data management approaches, tools, and infrastructure applicable to the neuroscience data lifecycle:

  • Plan and design
  • Collect and create
  • Analyze and collaborate
  • Evaluate and archive
  • Share and disseminate
  • Access and reuse
  • Storage and maintenance

We encourage several forms of workshops:

  • Classical workshops that focus on a particular research area within neuroinformatics, including proposals for continuations of workshops that were held at previous general INCF Assemblies or discipline specific conferences (e.g., OHBM, OCNS, FENS, etc…)
  • Workshops that focus on emerging neuroinformatics topics and applications or on open research questions and challenges
  • Cross-discipline workshops that foster exchange of ideas between groups that are unaware of each other’s research
  • Birds-of-a-feather sessions
  • Other topics of interest to the neuroinformatics community

Submit your application no later than February 28 using this form.

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