Can FMRIprep preprocess DTI data?


I was wondering if FMRIprep is also capable of preprocessing DTI data? Is this possible and in case its is not, is it maybe a planned feature?

As far as I know, fmriprep is focused on processing bold images, and diffusion preprocessing is outside the scope of the software. Here is a quote from @ChrisGorgolewski pulled from last year:

Hi @ddshin,
As others already mentioned _FMRI_PREP is focusing on preprocessing fMRI (BOLD) data. Adding support for DWI data is currently out of the scope of this software.

Having said that there are some elements of FMRIPREP that could be reused in DWI processing (mostly T1w and field unwarping related). It might be worth while abstracting those away so multiple apps could use the same sub-workflows.

BTW you should have a look at ndmg and MRTrix_connectome BIDS Apps.


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See Dmriprep: an fmriprep for diffusion?

This is really helpful. Thank you very much for these quick answers.