Can the bids-validator be used for HED-SCORE annotations

Can the bids-validator be used for a dataset that was annotated using HED-SCORE.

The dataset contains HED tags that are unknown to the bids-validator.
From the documentation of the docker version of the bids-validator, I see the schema can be specified as

validation, e.g. "v1.6.0" (beta)
         [choices: "disable", "v1.6.0", "v1.7.0", "master"] [default: "disable"]

However it does not seem to allow to specify the schema as SCORE.

I am using version 1.14.0 of the docker bids-validator.


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My apologies for not answering this sooner — but it went into my spam.

You need to designated the HED Version in the dataset_description.json file. You put this line in the file:

"HEDVersion": "score_1.1.0",

This score version is partnered with the standard schema so no need to use prefixes. For a more detailed explanation see: Hierarchical Event Descriptor appendix in the BIDS Specification.