Can we get the preprocessed fMRI data withou structure MRI?

just like the titile shown

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No, this is not possible w/ fmriprep. The anatomical information is vital for fmri preprocessing to proceed completely. The structural image is used to see how the brain is shaped relative to standard spaces, such as MNI. It is also used to sample BOLD data on brain surfaces, as requested. It is very rare that one only has fMRI information without a T1w image as well. Do you only have BOLD images from your subjects?


If no json file only, t1w.nii, can it work?

For a dataset, they only have nii file but no json files. Is there a way to set json matching as null to pass fmriprep?

I don’t think you need the structural json files, but you do need the BOLD json files. If you have the dicoms, you can use a tool like dcm2bids to organize your data in BIDS and make BIDS json files from the original data.

Thanks for your response, I find the json file after carefully searching~

Hi, I get error here.
Seems the slice time is wrong? How to correct it or skip this step?

Are your data BIDS valid?

YES~ And I get it done by dividing the slice time number by 1000…since in all other cohorts I have processed, the slice time is ranged from 0 to 2…I did not know what happen for this cohort, maybe they record in different units…Anyway, now I run it successfully~ Thanks for your ideas~