Cannot choose recently added Cognitive Atlas task when trying to upload T-map

Dear NeuroVault Team,

Thank you for this great platform to share neuro-knowledge and results!
I just signed up and added a new collection. When I wanted to upload my T-map, however, I ran into a problem. In the task dropdown I did not find the task we conducted. I thus added the task to the Cognitive Atlas (also very cool). This was two days ago and the new task I added still does not appear in the drop down, although it was added instantly on the Cognitive Atlas Website.
What can I/ do I need to do in order for the task to appear in the dropdown? Is there anything I have missed?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


I’ve synchronized the cognitive atlas database on NeuroVault - could you try again?

Dear Chris,

thanks so much - now it works!


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