Cannot find `nextflow-io/tractoflow` -- Make sure exists a GitHub repository at this address ``

Hello Arnaud and Guillaume, #tractoflow #scil

Query: After binding a volume with the data file and running the container the tractoflow pipeline showing an error.

Running a container with the volume containing data:

docker run -it -v C:\Users\Vikas\Desktop\Docker-TOF:\data b685fe9e5e02

$$ scilus/docker-tractoflow 2.1.1 b685fe9e5e02 5 months ago 9.81GB

With in Container:

root@a0ab60189d12:~# nextflow run tractoflow/ --root C:\Users\Vikas\Desktop\Docker-TOF --dti_shells “1000” --fodf_shells “700”

Showing error-
N E X T F L O W ~ version 19.04.0
Pulling nextflow-io/tractoflow …
Cannot find nextflow-io/tractoflow – Make sure exists a GitHub repository at this address [](
root@a0ab60189d12:~# nextflow run tractoflow/ --help

Your suggestions will be worthy. If there exists any video tutorial or chances for the hands-on project that can be run online I would be eager to be a participant.

Thanks again!


Dear Vikas,

You cannot run tractoflow within the container. Nextflow has to be installed locally as explained on this page.
You can also see an example here on how to run tractoflow using docker.