Cannot initialize neurosynth database

Hello all,

I want to decode IC maps with neurosynth and get relevant keywords for each map. However, I cannot initialize neurosynth dataset. I am following the code here (which is the same in many other tutorials):

I downloaded the “database.txt” and “features.txt” files from neurosynth’s repository.

However, when I run dataset = Dataset('database.txt') command, I receive the following error:

ExpiredDeprecationError: get_header method is deprecated.
Please use the ``img.header`` property instead.

* deprecated from version: 2.1
* Raises <class 'nibabel.deprecator.ExpiredDeprecationError'> as of version: 4.0

I tried to find a workaround but I cannot load the dataset in another way. I tried changing the deprecated command in the script with the suggested one, but it did not work.

Is there any other updated way to initialize the database that I am not aware of? I would also appreciate it if you could help me with the decoding method too.

Many thanks!