Can't access to IBL dataset

Hi all,

We have trouble getting access to the IBL dataset.

  1. ONE
    After setting the environment, I was told:
Connected to as test_user

However, when I tried to load data using

dataset_types = ['clusters.templateWaveforms', 'clusters.probes', 'clusters.depths']
eid = 'cf264653-2deb-44cb-aa84-89b82507028a'
my_data = one.load(eid, dataset_types=dataset_types, dclass_output=True)

as suggested by

I got an Unauthorized error.

HTTPError: Unauthorized
  1. Datajoint
    We cannot get access to nor get a PASSWORD to fill in here
dj.config[''] = ''
dj.config['database.user'] = 'neuromatch'
dj.config['database.password'] = '{PASSWORD}'

Either way doesn’t work for us. Can someone help us out?

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Here are the user name and password details:
User: neuromatch


@Vlada_Segen Thank you for sharing the details :slight_smile:

Hi @Vlada_Segen Thank you for the information -Miao

hey I keep getting this error:

Can’t connect to . IP addresses are filtered on IBL database servers. Are you connecting from an IBL participating institution ?

Are you using ONE? We finally decided to download the data to local drive rather than from the server.

Yeah, Ive also given up - I had to input “null” in “Param GLOBUS_CLIENT_ID,” but then couldnt figure out where the data set was within all the ibl data libraries. So I’ve downloaded the file - my poor computer.

You can try with below info:

one = ONE(username='test_user', password='TapetesBloc18', base_url='')
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