CAT12 Homogeneity Report

Hello everyone!
Firstly, I apologise if this is not the right forum to place such questions! (Wasn’t sure if CAT12 had a forum)
Secondly, I was attempting to use the ‘segment’ pipeline on cat12 and was wondering if anyone could kindly explain to me how to address the below 2 warnings/problems:

  1. WARNING 01: cat_run_job:failedBGD
    cat_run_job1639: Detection of background failed.

  2. WARNING 02:  cat_run_job1639:nonT1contrast
             A non-T1 contrast was detected and the NEW EXPERIMENTAL 
             PIPELINE is used! If it is was a high-resolution T1 image, 
             the initial segmentation might have failed, probably due 
             to alignment problems (please check the image orientation).

Regarding problem #2, I have checked the image thoroughly, the orientation seems fine (have aligned to ACPC) and it wasn’t a non-contrasted T1 scan.

Thirdly, regarding the homogeneity report, could anyone explain what the blue overlays refer to and what do “HD” and “BG” refer to?

Thank you and have a good week ahead :slight_smile:

Eu Jin