Cest image registration quaintly check

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I am currently conducting research involving glioma patients using advanced imaging techniques like CEST, PWI, and DWI. I utilized NiftyReg for image registration and referenced structural imaging for this process. Can anyone recommend a comprehensive source or textbook that provides guidance on the quality check of image registration?

Here’s the methodology I’ve employed for visually inspecting the registration quality, primarily focusing on alignment with the lesion and surrounding ventricles:

  1. attempted to register the images without skull stripping, between T1GD imaging and the advanced imaging. If the registration quality was insufficient within the CEST, PWI, and DWI advanced imaging, I switched the reference image among the structural imaging (T1, T2, FLAIR) that had been registered to the T1GD.

  2. In case the registration quality was still unsatisfactory, I would then skull-strip the advanced imaging (either one of CEST, PWI, or DWI), and register it with the skull-stripped T1GD imaging or the skull-stripped imaging that was registered to T1GD.

In the AFNI software package, there are several ways to to do visual quality checks. See the PDF in the supplementary material here:

Also see the quality control methods listed here for some more general visualization discussion:

And for other software packages, see the other papers in the research topic:

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