China Announcements

This group is for announcements related to TAs and students in China (especially those without VPN).


If you will be joining Neuromatch Academy from China, please feel free to post questions here.


Is there a link for LeadTA training ? Couldn’t find where to get the training.

@carsen.stringer @carsen_stringer can you answer the question about leadTA training?

For TAs/students in China:

  • YouTube videos will be reposted to Bilibili.
  • Crowdcast Live events will be streamed to Bilibili Live and volunteers will repost questions from Bilibili Live to Crowdcast, so that you can participate in the Question/Answer sections.
  • For students without access to Google Colab, notebooks will be run for you on Aliyun. Your TAs will provide you with the login details before the school starts.

I haven’t received any notification about my assigned pod and TA.I did accept the offer to be an interactive student and join the Wechat group, but no further notification. Could you please help me find my pod? Thanks in advance.

PS: It might because I registered this account using my personal email, instead of the one I’ve used to apply for NMA. Now I’ve changed it.

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Hey dayunwei,
you can only see your pod if you register on Neurostars with an e-mailaddress that we know. You can make an account with that email address, but you need to either log out and clear cookies, or use another browser, otherwise the Neurostars platform won’t let you create another account.

Thank Oliver, but the problem is deeper. The student can’t be found in our database. Was not assigned to a pod.

Hi, I do also not receive any email about the assigned pod and TA, do I in your database or not? I register on Neurostars with the email that used for apply for NMA.

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Hi Ling.Liu,
You should be getting a notification to view your pod soon! Thanks for calling our attention to this.

For observers from china: there is a fork of the course-contents that has all the bilibili links embedded!

China-accessible Course Contents

Hi @jerlich,
I looked around on the Github repository and still could not found the link the Bilibili. Has it already uploaded to the Github or somewhere else?

Yes, I have found my pod now~ Thank you

The bilibili links are embedded in the tutorials. Do not click on the “colab” badge. But you can click on the “nbviewer” badge.

Github is having some technical issues. If you need to access the tutorials you can go here:

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Great, thank you @jerlich, I have found it.

Just one more question: is there link to lecture videos or only the tutorial videos are provided?


I can not find the entrance to study. who can help me?

All the videos are ion bilibili. Just search for neuromatch academy.