Ciftify outputs

Following the great answers of Esteban,

Running ciftify (fMRIPrep_BIDS_app actually) and looking at the output, I have a few questions (though I assume it’s identical to the HCP data):

  1. timeseries files ses-01_task-rest_run-01_desc-preproc.nii.gz (volumetric 2mm) and ses-01_task-rest_run-01_desc-preproc_Atlas_s0.dtseries.nii (91K cifti) - are they ICA_FIX denoised?
  2. a. ROIs: file .…ciftify\sub-$SBJ\MNINonLinear\ROIs\ROIs.2.nii.gz (volumetric 91,109, 91 so corresponds to 2mm MNI) contains values from 0-60. Where can I find the label names?
    b. ROIs: file .…ciftify\sub-$SBJ\MNINonLinear\ROIs\Atlas_ROIs.2.nii.gz is empty (0 KB). Is it OK? does this imply that something in the analysis went wrong?
  3. for GLM task analysis (preferably on the volumetric so to use FEAT then convert to Cifti using WB) - should I use additional regressors? which would you recommend?

So many thanks!