Citing the IBL properly (ONE github, white paper, original publications, DANDI archive etc)

I am submitting a publication and I just want to make sure we are citing you correctly here. So I’ve included a reference for the ONE api github, I also included a reference for the IBL white paper, your brain wide map DANDI archive, as well as the original IBL publication. Is anything missing?

OG publication: International Brain Laboratory. Electronic address: & International Brain Laboratory. An International Laboratory for Systems and Computational Neuroscience. Neuron 96, 1213–1218 (2017).

I also cite this paper, as I wasn’t sure if the annoucement or the first publication is what I should be citing: International Brain Laboratory et al. Standardized and reproducible measurement of decision-making in mice. Elife 10, (2021).

I cite the github for the ONE api: ONE: Open Neurophysiology Environment. (Github).

One Documentation: Welcome to ONE’s documentation! — ONE documentation.Welcome to ONE’s documentation! — ONE documentation

DANDI Brain Wide Map Data: Benson, B. et al. International Brain Laboratory; (2024) IBL - Brain Wide Map (Version draft) [Data set]. DANDI archive. DANDI Archive (2023).


Apologies for the delay. I think you used the BWM dataset and accessed the data via ONE. If this is correct please could you ensure you cite the following two resources

  1. The BWM paper
  2. The data on the AWS open registry IBL Neuropixels Brainwide Map on AWS - Registry of Open Data on AWS

If you used DANDI to access the data rather than ONE, then you can cite this dataset"International+brain+laboratory"&pos=1