CMRR diffusion imaging: enable mosaic output

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we are acquiring a a diffusion protocol at our 7T scanner using the multi-band (SMS) accelerated CMRR sequence (cmrr_mbep2d_diff, R016 ve12u/SP01_R016a). Please find an exemplary protocol attached. We very much like the data we get. However, I have so far been unable to activate the mosaic option, it remains non-selectable whatever I do playing around with the settings. The result of not having mosaics selected are some 10,000 DICOM files for each DTI acquisition we run, slowing down all our processes quite a bit and overloading our scientific lightweight PACS system. I do not see any technical reasons, why mosaic option might be blocked here.

Does anyone of you guys have a idea why that might be and what to how to activate mosaic output after all.

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Hi, what you show here is a bold protocol.

You’re quite right, thank you for pointing that out. My bad. Corrected that now.

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I think you should try to have at least 2 b-values in your protocol and have b-value1 =0 for the first one to be able to activate Mosaic.

Great, thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is indeed the solution. The moment I added another b value and set the first one to 0, the mosaic option became available and was even auto selected. :+1: