CNS*2020 conference support

Please use this topic for general queries related to CNS*2020.

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Have poster instructions been posted? What is best for online viewing?


Not yet, an e-mail with instructions should have been sent out before the end of this week. :slight_smile:

Are the any of the sessions going to be recorded?
As there are many time slots where I am interested in mutiple sessions that clash.


Yes, all sessions on Crowdcast are automatically archived for later viewing.

(This information is included in the participation guidelines.)

Hi, can we also access the tutorials that we missed or that had a clash? If yes, how can we do that?


That depends on the tutorial organisers. Most intend to record their sessions and make them available later, but it’s best to contact them directly to confirm.

Hello, the zoom password for the tutorial is not working. Could you tell where to get it?

I just tested it out, and it seems to work. Are you still experiencing issues?

Yes, it does not let me in, says the password from the webpage is incorrect

That’s odd. Not sure what the issue is then. If it’s a zoom related issue, there’s not much the tutorial organisers can do unfortunately. You’ll have to wait and watch the recording when the tutorial organisers put it up.

PS: Could you please edit your post to remove the password?

So sad. Ok, it’s great that there will be a recording )

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Hi Ankur,
could you please instruct me on how I can set up here a channel for Questions related to the forthcoming CNS*2020 Workshop# 2? Thanks.


You can create a new topic by clicking the “new topic” button in the right hand top corner. Perhaps this is worth a quick read:

Good point. There is not such a button. Maybe it is a browser issue: using Brave from my end?


Could be. The site probably relies on javascript etc that your browser may be blocking.

This is what it looks like here at this link:

Ok thanks.
I finally managed. It is as you supposed: You need to halt AdBlock and all possible browser-based blocking mechanisms – which in Brave are many.

So probably, naive Firefox/Safari/Chrome installations without any Ad-blockers and allowing Scripts will work right away.

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