[CODE 1] NOT_INCLUDED for physiology files

Hello everyone!

When I run our dataset through the bids validator I get the following error concerning physiology files:

It works fine for the physiology files corresponding to functional runs, but seems to have issues with the physiology files associated with our top-ups. Here is an example of the error for a specific file:

I saw a similar thread here : https://neurostars.org/t/bids-validator-error-code-90-with-physio-files/3076/7https://neurostars.org/t/bids-validator-error-code-90-with-physio-files/3076/7

but I couldn’t trace the issue back to the same cause (i.e. the json files in the other thread used " " instead of [ ])

The tsv.gz files all have their corresponding .json files which receive the same error.

If someone could help me spot what is going wrong I’d be grateful ! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Rphilips,

Physio associated with field maps is not supported. I believe the reasoning there is that, since field maps are very short scans (generally one 1-2 volumes, depending on type), there’s no need to incorporate continuous data, like physio, with them.

Can I ask what you want the physio data for? If there’s a strong use-case for allowing physio data with field maps, you could open an issue in the specification repo requesting that.

EDIT: There are a number of redundant places where valid patterns and combinations are documented, but the best places to check are (1) the filename patterns in the text (e.g., see here) and (2) the entity tables. Both show what suffixes and entities are valid for each data type.


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Hi @tsalo ,

Thank you for your reply! We collected physiology throughout and I was unaware that physiology files for field maps weren’t supported so I processed everything for completeness sake, but there is no case for opening it as an issue :slight_smile:


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