Colab notebooks - Should we copy them before starting work?


This is mostly adressed towards NMA organizers but anyone who can help, please let me know.

During the Python Workshop (it was awesome, thanks for organizing!) we were advised before starting work with each Colab Notebook to do the following: ‘File’ -> ‘Save a copy in Drive/Github’. This is in case we mess up something and we have the original fresh copy unaltered.

Would you recommend this for the main NMA tutorials too? In fact, would our porgress be saved if we don’t make a copy of the notebook?

Thank you!

Absolutely - same concept applies, if you don’t make a copy it won’t be saved.

In fact, one of the students in my pod informed me that there’s a “Copy to Drive” button located just above the code for easier access :slight_smile: @Niklas



Thank yo @liang!

I feel this is quite important, do yo think we can put this info in a more visible place, e.g. the main Github page?


Sure - paging organizers @pmin?

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@liang @alex_ivanov, would you like to write a post about colab, where does the kernel live, how to set permissions right, copying in drive, etc? You can post here, and since it’s markdown, you can also send a PR on the main repo. We’re an anarchist hacker spaceship at NMA, anybody can jump in and help.