Collaborative Document for References and Resources useful to Neuromatch Academy

Dear all,

Since I am an advocate of open science and giving credit to the people who contribute —

Some of the TA’s, myself included, thought it may be stimulating and beneficial for us to have a common space (for example on our existing GitHub) to keep a documentation of all the useful references (papers, software, python packages etc).

This is a start to the thread to explore how we could do this collaboratively, and in a open-science way that allows anyone to commit and get recognised for their work.

Looking forward,
All best!
Anastasia (TA, pod 162-great-mule)


Fantastic! Thank you for starting this thread, @abrovkin.

There should indeed be a semi-structured way to share snippets of software, to post “preprints” (of sorts), perhaps directly in Colab format.

(As an aside: I’m semi-seriously proposing that a comp.neuro. journal should enable Colab notebooks as a submitted paper format. Think about it… LaTeX, markdown, data and code directly in the paper, review/peer feedback comments, updates with automatic versioning… :wink: )



Sounds great @rkoene

Well if anything maybe there is even space to make a special edition of just for the outcomes of fruitful projects :smiley:

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Our lab has a GitHub Repo with some learning (epistemological) directories that students can collaborative edit / build out and a personal place to store some of their code or create other resources, as well. If it compliments any official NMA stuff, feel free to use it.

This GitHub Repo is a place to explore topics and ideas surrounding the NMA course prep and content.

  • In Epistemological Directories (ED), you will find a series of topical stubs, which you can contribute to with infographics, reference lists, notes and points to revisit, or even slideshows!
  • In Student Folders, feel free to include an intro and any personal work associated with your NMA prep or ideas that may not fit into the shared Epistemic Directories section.

You can reach out to OREL’s @b.alicea or me for some help getting started if you’d like.


+1 excellent initiative!

I was thinking of having a dedicated document/folder within the official NMA space though

I agree @abrovkin!! I was suggesting a similar thing during one of the TA calls as well. This can help the NMA code be a standalone resource for Observer Track students as well, by filling in potential gaps of knowledge.

I suggest that we start on a Google Drive to organize our concatenated notes, related papers, and resources on Google Docs, and later on, merge it with the NMA codebase on GitHub if the quality meets our own qualitative criteria. Commenting, live collaborative editing, and version control are supported by google docs as well.

I’ve made a Shared GDrive Folder where we can start this collaboration! It will definitely be beneficial to the greater causes of NMA. Let’s first put one/two resources in the folder before distributing it wider! :smile: @abrovkin @rkoene @jparent

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Yes and yes. :muscle:

But I still maintain GitHub from step 1 is the way to go that way everyone gets their credit for contribution and changes can be tracked and seen (transparent version control).

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If you find & cite resources you’ll give credit to the people who made them - I’m modelling this on other common GitHub libraries for example resulting from OHBM hackathons which handled it in the same manner.

See this example

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Also, I’m a big fan of Notion, the app. If anyone is using that and would want to collaborate on some notes with that (personal plan is free for .edu emails I believe?) , let me know.

1 Like we now have a space for sharing resources!

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Beautiful, thank you @abrovkin! So we just add the stuff as pull requests?

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pretty much! @tmorshed