Collaborative draft of an Organic Flux Capacitor/Flux Capacitor Network

I am a professional designer/programmer with a secondary interest in Neuro-science topics. I am currently drafting a State Machine/State Machine System (SM/SMS) to describe Neuro-Electric and Neuro-Electro-Magnetic Flux as it occurs in phases and cycles within/between organisms. The impetus for drafting an SM/SMS was to explain burgeoning personal and academic understandings of “telepathic” phenomena and to easier understand complex neuro-physiology.

In summary, an Organic Flux Capacitor represents an organism with energy transistors that regulate external/internal flux. SM/SMS architecture inputs factors related to Sensory Modes, Sensory Mode Phases, Sensory Mode Phase Cycles, Energy Types, Spatiality, Population, and Technology. Methods compute dynamics from combined factors to interpret different aspects of organisms processing energy in space. Computed factor dynamics combine to output complexity within a pre-established classification system that describes corporeal effects of energy processing. This is a flexible architecture with clearly defined variables that can be used to represent the least to the most accurate representation of nervous systems which evolve ever more rapidly each year.

I am seeking collaborators from different backgrounds that are interested in independently contributing to my ongoing drafts to build a formal understanding of the measurable/quantifiable corporeal effects of organisms processing energy from different sources. Please respond or contact me through tools on this forum if you are interested in being a contributor or are interested in other collaboration.