Color bars in fsleyes

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask a very basic question, which for some reason I can’t find the answer to.

Is there a way to do the following using fsleyes gui or fslmaths:

  1. change the color bars definitions that are provided by fsleyes (e.g., set the value in which blue change to red, etc.).
  2. get a picture of these color bars for the goal of presenting them in a figure.

Thank you very much for your help

For the second question, in the folder named $FSLDIR/etc/luts, there is a file named colourbar.nii.gz. I usually load this file in fsleyes, choose the colormap and save the screenshot.

You can edit, add or remove the fsleyes colormaps. These are simple text files with the extension .cmap in the folder
Each file has three columns for the red, green and blue component intensity from 0 to 1
The colors are interpolated between the rows.

You may want to try out these luminance adjusted colormaps.