Combining datasets in mriqc


I have two datasets, and I ran mriqc on each. Is there any way to combine them and create a report with participants from both studies without rearranging them as a single BIDS dataset and rerunning everything?
I tried to re-generate the report from the tsv files using the gen_html function in mriqc/reports/, but that raised an error (I may be running it incorrectly).
Does someone know how the confidence intervals are calculated? That may be the best solution as then I could simply calculate the confidence intervals for the combined data to identify outliers.


I would suggest running MRIQC on each dataset separately and used the generated TSV/JSON files to perform a tailored analysis manually (comparing groups or protocols, looking at outliers etc.). This way you can test your own hypotheses and build your own normative distributions (with homogeneous scanning protocols, not conflating different tasks which can have effect on motion etc.)

Thanks, that’s what I’ll do. I was hoping to first recreate a visual report like the mriqc one, but you’re right, I could write something in python to do that.
I would still be interested in knowing how the confidence intervals (I assume they’re confidence intervals?) are calculated


@oesteban should know where to look for this